The staff at Entomogen Inc. have a solid scientific background, and can provide a number of environmental consulting services such as:

  • Biodiversity Measurements
  • Ecological Monitoring & Species Surveys
    • Invertebrate Monitoring
      • Terrestrial and Aerial Insects
      • Aquatic Insects
      • Zooplankton
    • Amphibian Monitoring
    • Reptile Monitoring
  • Education
    • Presentations and Workshops
    • Guest Lectures on Ecological Issues
  • Wildlife Re-introductions and Transplantation Program Design
  • Species at Risk Conservation and Recovery Planning
  • Research and Project Development
    • We can develop and implement new research and monitoring projects, making sure that they are scientifically sound.
    • New strategies and protocols can be developed for qualitative and quantitative assessments.
    • We can also provide photographic monitoring compilations and detailed statistical analyses of collected data.