Database Construction/Customization

In order to meet increasing needs to manage large amounts of data, Entomogen has developed a secure online database that can be customized to meet your specific needs. The database is constantly updated and available to our clients on a twenty-four hour basis. Data are graphed weekly to provide up-to-date results. Entomogen staff are available by phone or e-mail to assist you with any questions.

Your database can be customized to:

  1. Make it compatible with Microsoft Excel and Access;
  2. Link it to a your current database;
  3. Link it to the National Climate Database operated by Environment Canada;
  4. Integrate the GPS/location data with Google Maps service;
  5. Design and generate reports in a variety of formats including Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, and HTML;
  6. Generate graphs and charts dynamically (i.e. pie chart, column chart, bar graph, line graph and area graph).

Blood Meal Analyses

Entomogen offers blood meal analysis for blood-fed female mosquitoes. Our protocols are based on the peer reviewed scientific literature. Each blood-fed mosquito is first identified to species by a trained entomologist. DNA is then extracted from the blood meal in the abdomen of the mosquito, followed by PCR analysis using primers specific to potential blood meal hosts. We routinely test for avian, mammal and human blood meals using sequence analysis of the Cytochrome B gene. Data generated from the identification of blood meals helps our clients to better understand the transmission patterns of various mosquito borne diseases in their jurisdictions.

Identification Workshops

Entomogen conducts workshops to train individuals to identify mosquitoes at the larval and adult stages. Workshops may be run at our facilities in St. Catharines or at a location of your choice. We offer both elementary and advanced training in larval and adult mosquito identification. In addition, our reference collection of Ontario species, including newly introduced species, is available for training purposes.

Please contact us for additional information on our workshops.