Benthic Invertebrate Identifications

Entomogen Inc. is a leader in insect collection and identification. We are committed to providing reliable, accurate and timely processing of benthic samples. We have a team of taxonomists with expertise in EPTs, Chrionomids, and general benthic identification. In addition to providing taxonomic identification services, we are also able to offer data analysis, data entry into the CABIN database, as well as performing field sampling for benthics in the Niagara Region and the GTA.

Our taxonomists have all received certification through the Society of Freshwater sciences (formerly North American Benthological Society) to the family level. We also have taxonomists who completed the CABIN Data Entry course and have completed Chironomid and EPT genus level training courses. In addition Dr. Hunter is a medical entomologist with over 30 years of experience studying invertebrates, and teaches a university level field course on aquatic invertebrate sampling and identification every spring

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